Today we look at El Dorado, or The Golden, in Spanish, which is just something I googled so I could fill this space. Organigram also calls this Kanata on their medical side. This is one of the Organigram offerings I have to guess at, I’m not sure the lineage here.

Take my word for it, the following is about 70% less creepy than it sounds: I was in Lake City Cannabis one day, listening to Ryan recommend a sleepier Indica to someone, and this is what he recommended. So when I saw it on sale later, I had it in the back of my mind. But I didn’t buy this from an independent store, I bought it from the provincial body, that’s why I left the 30% creep factor in. 


Not really the point I wanted to highlight to you, but the visuals were pleasing. Not great, but respectable. In the scope of what I’ve seen for single grams recently, this stood out for size and structure. The buds were shaped well (probably phenotypic) and clean cut (probably Organigram).


[In a bad New York accent]

Was like butter.

[Regular geek voice]

Seriously, it was some of the better feeling retail cannabis I’ve had. I think the humidipak is working, for what that’s worth. The flower could have dried out and revived, although I probably don’t think that. In its ability to compress and return, this did well. And the touch was soft, which is what I meant by that butter comment.

Scent & Taste

Also not a feature I’d highlight but it’s worth a quick note; the cannabis had good amount of scent and taste. Typical myrcene, but in good amount. 


We’ve seen some valuable single grams lately, Redecan and Pure Sunfarms. They’re less expensive than this Edison product. And while I’m not so quick to call this Edison product poor in comparison, you really are getting down to the brass tacks to see if that extra buck or two is worth it. Luckily, price is closer to potato chips than it is a Cadillac, they’re cheap enough and close enough that you could take a look for yourself. 

If you’re smoking in the value prices of the rec market, I’d take a look at this first, and step down in price to the ones I mentioned above. The moisture content is near ideal, and should serve as a good baseline to compare other offerings against, both for feel and combustion.

Thanks for reading the review today, see you on the next one. 

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