Reviewed this one 6th of the 7 chocolate reviews I completed in March. Time of review was 6:28pm.

Again, no set protocol with these reviews. I’ve lazily reviewed a few chocolate review criteria, and I make sensory observations about the product with respect to what I took from the criteria. And I’ll tell you my preference for the product; what I liked and didn’t.


Nondescript sweet smell


No break-off points. Chocolates are in ball form, not bar.


Feel is large in the mouth. I kept it classy, and went one ball at a time.


Chocolate in semi-sweet, leans milky, not dark. Has tastes of dry spice, earthy, like gingerbread, but there is no crisp gingerbread centre. Finish is embodied by the gingerbread spice, which has an antique feel.

Zero cannabis taste.


The antique feeling left a lasting impression for me. I’d tell you it was dusty, but in the nicest of ways. Of all the chocolates I tasted, this is the one that I’d like to taste again, and just for that somewhat-off note of pleasant dustiness. And not for the direction of these reviews, just for my own personal satisfaction. Strange, but the composition worked in an alluring way.

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