Edison Black Cherry Punch

Hey, pancakenap here, with Edison’s Black Cherry Punch. 

We have a blinded review for this one, done by Squid Pants and myself.

We follow the review protocol as outlined below, and summarize what we found during the video call. Then we look at price and sales across all offerings of Black Cherry Punch in the market.


Like the Boaz Pizza Breath review, this is an anonymized review that follows this general protocol:

  • Squid Pants and I review from separate provinces (Ontario and Alberta).
  • We make a list of ten or so items we can get in both provinces.
  • One buyer representing one of us chooses which cannabis to purchase and relays the info to the other buyer.
  • Both buyers remove the cannabis from the original container and place it in a new, unmarked container.
  • Squid Pants and I get together on a call to review the cannabis in the unmarked container and try to guess what offering was purchased.

Shown below is the list our buyer chose from and the video review follows:


Good size and shape for this cultivar. Nice full buds. Trim is lacking, some leaf is left covering the bud. Good trichome coverage was uncovered when the trim was picked off.


Firm feel but has good moisture content


I felt like this was a more than adequate rendition of BCP. Profile is mid-set, expressive of sweet, smokey cherry and has an expansive low end which brings depth to the profile.


The flavour profile is full bodied cherry, sweet vanilla earths towards the lows and a flakey pine as you proceed to the top notes. The profile makes a strong finish with cherry resin left on the palate.


I thought we were both mildly pleased during the review. I’m not sure if it was a lasting effect. I followed up with Squid Pant’s a few days after the review, he was less than enthusiastic about it. I thought it was just ok, lacked some in taste but had good structure. Appeared to be well grown.


Basically every offering was Black Cherry Punch. Squid Pants knew the producer beforehand due to an error in the process. I guessed the producer was Organnicraft, which was not correct.


We both selected prices below the historical average for Black Cherry Punch in from legal producers in Canada.

Squid Pants bought his sample from Ontario’s provincial store (OCS) for $34.95, or $9.99 per gram.

I bought my sample from Value Buds (in Calgary) for $28.97, or $8.28 per gram.

Competing Offerings

Next we’ll look at price and sales of the 15 other brands offering Black Cherry Punch.

Market prices

Using CannStandard data we plot the average price per gram of Black Cherry Punch from any package size at $11.76 over the term shown in the graphic.

Redecan’s average price is substantially below the average for most product we can find them listed in. FIGR also seems to be notably low. As does the Edison product we review today.

Prior to December 2020 we can find Black Cherry Punch listings from Highland Grow, Citizen Stash, Jonny Chronic, North 40 and BLK MKT. All priced above the historical average with Highland Grow, being the least expensive at $12.58 per gram. 

By January 2021 seven more brands had entered the marketplace, with FIGR being the least expensive at $8.57 per gram in the maritimes. Edison has entered between the minimum set by FIGR and the $11.76/g average. Ness, Elios and Organnicraft entered the market over the high side of average price.

Including the rest of 2021 we have entries from Violet Tourist, 7ACRES Craft Collective and Flowr, bringing the total amount of brands offering a Black Cherry Punch to 16.


From the CannStandard data to estimate sales for the group suggests Organigram has largest market share at 35% in September 2021.

The Redecan offering has 16% of the market, which puts them in second place. While Flowr has 11%, ranking them third.

Market Summary

The price of Black Cherry Punch ranges from the $6 per gram range to the $19 per gram range. The maximum price is more than 3 time the minimum. 

Previously, in 2019 and most of 2020, brands were able to get above $13 per gram for Black Cherry Punch. Lately, sales tends to be the highest for the producers that offer the cultivar at the lowest price, overtaking the market share held by the brands that originally offered it.


On behalf of myself and Squid Pants, thanks for joining us for this post. We’ll be back with another blind review soon, but we’ve also reviewed the #2 (Redecan) and #3 (Flowr) offering in this segment as well, so look out for those next week.



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