Doing Early Vixin today, this is Crop King seeds. And, pretty sure this entry was from the same grower who won the balanced category for Cali-O.

Described as an easy to grow plant, Crop King has since discontinued Early Vixin. They have an Early Miss now, it’s an auto, but not really comparable in genealogy.


Crop King lists the genetics as a compilation of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze.


I called this entry a Dela Haze, which is probably more inaccurate than it is accurate. Doesn’t taste like a OG Kush or some type of ice cream, so it must be a haze, right?

Cannabinoid Content

Content is about a quarter less than the contest average. You’ll see in the review below, I didn’t feel this was lacking. I reviewed it much higher than average but it was not a favourite of mine.


This won 6th place in the judges category. I’m not surprised, its quality was prominent, both visually and by olfactory sensation.

One of thing I’ve learned in the few cannabis contests I’ve been involved in is: consistency pays off. If you provide a collection of good and bad buds, you leave it up to someone else to select what buds go to which judge. Not all packages may be even. If you provide an even quality, you can ensure each judge gets a consistent product. And I suspect that’s what gave this entry the edge. 

Check out my review below. I was certainly impressed with it, and it sits as, yet another example, of a very enjoyable flower of below average cannabinoid content.

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