Dynathrive Apple Cider Vinegar

Hey pancakenap here, doing another group of gummy reviews. This one is on Dynathrive Apple Cider Vinegar gummies, which is a CBD gummy done by a producer called Dynaleo.

Gummy Reviews

For these gummy reviews I grab one offering from every brand available on the provincial online store. I take photos of everything and a dietician summarizes the ingredients, while noting anything interesting.

From there I make a few observations while consuming the gummy. Finally I note the price and content. 

  • 13 ingredients
  • 3 sweeteners: glucose, sugar, apple juice concentrate
  • Gelatin, acacia gum, corn starch
  • Natural flavours
  • Coconut oil
  • preservatives: citric acid, sodium citrate

The gummies have a rubbery, or chewy consistency. 


Taste is true to a dilute mouthful of apple cider vinegar. There is a mix of acidic and sweet present, I’d call the character somewhat similar to ginger ale.


Price was $13.49, about $0.20 per milligram of cannabinoid content.

Closest comparable on within my purchase data is this unbranded CBD Gummy at $0.10 per mg of content.

Most of the legal THC gummies I review are priced around $0.75 per mg of cannabinoid content, more than 3.5 times the price of these gummies.


70mg of CBD, 0mg THC


Unique flavour, there’s not too many Apple Cider Vinegar flavours in the cannabis gummy market.

Typical Dynaleo shape; this shape is shared across their brands.

Chewy consistency, also consistent across all their brands.

Gummy doesn’t have granulated sugar on the outside, which I felt suited the flavour.

Content is 10mg of CBD per gummy, 70mg total in the package. 

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