Durga Mata 2 by Zenabis (Namaste)

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I’m going to start these reviews with a view of this specific listing relative to the rest of the market section, so that’s what you’re seeing below. Summary statements are shown above each graph and I show the breakdowns below.

The view has 3 key performance indicators; in the dimensions of average price and content, all are denoted red/green for non-favourable/favourable status. For example in this version, Zenabis’ Durga Mata 2 is above average price and below average content, so all indicators are red. There are listings for Durga Mata 2 below the average market price in some areas, so check the store breakdown for comparison against the average.

Hover/tap any data point for the narrative behind it.

That should give you an idea of the market position for this listing.

We’ve seen the unboxing video and now, we’ll see how the grinds look for this offering.

I’ve created a template for my reviews, it will help to streamline the qualitative information I provide, and automate the display of quantitative analysis from my purchase data set. I’ll follow this review, with the summary of my entire review set.

Thanks for reading my reviews, I hope you like the new format.

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