Crumble dry and full of seeds, this Durban Poison demonstrates many criterial fitting of low quality cannabis.

Durban Poison is a well known landrace cultivar originating from Durban, South Africa. One of the interesting things to know about Durban Poison is that it’s one of the parents of Girl Scout Cookies, the other being a nondescript OG Kush.

There are many versions of Durban Poison, a quick search and I can find about 7 breeders offering cultivars under the name. Perhaps it is best to approach a Durban Poison with respect to the breeder and not the cultivar name. A few breeders offer an inbred line of the Durban but I’d expect some variation within that set, being close to landrace. I also notice the Nirvana version, they include some Skunk influence in their line, which is also called Durban Poison. Dutch Passion has an inbred line, as well as an auto flowering version. In this case of this review, the vendor gives little information about the source of this Durban, so I can only guess at what it actually is.

The size of these Durban Poison buds yield no complaints, they are smaller and conical, but still have some density to them. Trim is inconsequentially lazy.

These Durban Poison buds suffer severely from dryness. Absolutely delicate, you can crush them with a firm press. The seeds present in this cannabis are numerous and immediately visible, thoroughly disappointing that this was sold in this condition.

Grinds to a fine powder, similar to other low quality offerings we’ve seen affected by this level of dryness. The fine grinds lay flat, which allows you to pick out a hair or two contained within the buds, at least it’s functional.

The scent of these Durban flowers are buzzing with crisp citrus notes with some uniquely resinous earths. If you appreciate a Girl Scout Cookie, it is interesting to experience both the familiar and unfamiliar tones from offered by the Durban Poison.

Flavours for this Durban Poison are rather expansive. Hints of candied fruit over smoothed spices, with a rather hollow and somewhat off-putting earth tone bellowing beneath. The dry down on the flavour becomes fairly mentholated, leaving a clean feeling across the palate. This particular offering feels fairly muted in intensity, but still impressive with the cannon of different flavours it offers. Shame it looks so poor. I’d imagine some Durbans bring more in the spice and earth tones.

This bud came from AC Medical, who sometimes displays their producers, but no producer was given for this one. Flowering time on this sativa is actually a little closer to average, many of the cultivars I mentioned above flower within 70 days, the Dutch Passion version supposedly under 60 days. Which isn’t typical for a sativa landrace but is certainly achievable over multiple generations of selecting for quick flowering Durbans. Regardless, some sativa flower can yield higher prices based on their longer flowering times and extra care needed to trim it properly.

AC Medical’s version is seedy, untested and $10 per gram; it’s a dinosaur, slouching, heaving deep quartz breaths after the impact. Take a look, soon it will be a fossil, a reminder that we used to pay way too much for untested crap like this.

The seeds really killed the consumer experience on this Durban Poison, it is on par with the worse of the worst as far as dryness and seeds go. The flavours were teasingly pleasant but only served to drive me towards a properly produced Durban Poison. We don’t yet have one available from a Canadian licensed producer, but judging by the potential seen here, it’s one to look out for.

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