Close to Canada’s legalization, we had many different producers with similar offerings. There was a ‘genetic bottleneck’.

Some producers rose past the competition based on quality. Others contrived multiple brands, with layers of renaming for their duplicates. For example Tweed has DNA’s Sour Kush (Reserva Privada). But Sour Kush is also available from many other producers as Solar Power, Sense, Glacier Freeze and Black.

And while you may think spending an exorbitant amount of money to build a facility that makes an arguably duplicate product, that’s already been introduced to the market might not be the best business model, some people did. Then I purchased, and reviewed some of those offerings. And now, we have this graphic.

we look at everything I’ve reviewed that could be considered a duplicate

Below, we look at everything I’ve reviewed that could be considered a duplicate. For example, I’ve reviewed 4 offerings of Jean Guy (soon to be 5). One’s a ‘tribute’ to Jean Guy, and the other 3 are produced by the same company but sold under different brands.

Amongst the duplicates, you might be wondering what’s the best? And that could be across a number of dimensions; price, content, price for the content, or the subjective one; my opinion on the listing. So I’ve tried my best to arrange a short version of each review that tells the story, with respect to the cultivar.

Each review is denoted by its own box and those boxes are arranged by colour for each cultivar. I show the cultivar’s name, the date of the review, as well as the brand and producer behind the offering.

Hover or tap each box to see the comparative data, which is specific to the cultivar. I also add an excerpt from the review, basic ratings along with the subjective rank I chose to give it.

I’ve benchmarked each dimension at the cultivar level. Meaning, when we’re looking at dimension like cannabinoid content, we’re looking at the average with respect to reviews of that cultivar specifically, not all my reviews.

Here’s a quick pro-tip from yours truly: unless you’re facing some type of acute mortal danger, don’t base your opinions on what one person tells you. This data is based on my purchase history only, use it to your advantage, but know, there’s a ton of limits to it. Now, something like ‘get out of the way right now!’, that’s the single-source advice you might want to splurge on.

This graphic is live, it will update periodically as I review new offerings and adding the duplicates as I go. For some of my earlier reviews, I didn’t bother discussing cannabinoid content or dates. Data for those instances will show as blanks.

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