Thanks for joining me for today’s review; homegrown flower, someone’s first four-plant grow.

I gifted them regular seeds for this grow. They found four females, grew them out, and gifted me back some of the flower produced. Which is a very kind thing to do.


I started collecting seeds when I became licensed to grow medically, enticed by new stuff, freebies and good stories.

In 2017, TGA Subcool releases a GSC x Space Queen tester; I grow it alongside a C4 x Shishkaberry back cross (called Freddy Beach) from now defunct East Coast Seeds. The GSC x Space Queen turns out to be male; so I isolate and cross the two plants. I call the resulting F1s Red Genes.

Over the next year, I work the Red Genes. I gift the resulting seeds around in 2019, and grow them myself. None of the grows were successful; the seeds I sent Squid Pants hermied on him, only one plant I grew made it to full term without the same. So I’m feeling like the incross work done is a throw away, and go back to the group of F1 seeds produced during the first cross.

I meet a novice home grower (Dunn Deegan) who needs seeds to practice on, and advice, so I gift them the F1 generation Red Genes. 


Check out the flower. This was someone’s first grow; four plants indoors, airpots, regular seeds, and problematic genetics.


Visuals on this grow are fairly indicative of what I’ve seen from this plant. Some phenotypes form flowers long and slender in shape, with tighter buds along the nodes.This grow yielded some purple accents towards the crown of the flower, good trichome coverage, with good definition to match.


Scents are a citrus pine twist with rancid edges fading into skunky plateau. Character projects along an upward tangent, most of its composition is down and dirty. Projection is good; much of the profile is reasonably friendly. Doesn’t have a sharp pungency, more like blunt force.


Taste is a resonance of berry, citrus that leaves a tart feel across the palate. Skunks blend with soapy linen linalool at the midriff, translating to a sweat earthy leave, with inflections of the berry frontage. Finish are spiced earths with a citrus tinge. 


Big thanks here, it’s really cool feeling when you gift seeds to someone and they gift you back some flower. And nice to see such good looking flowers from a first time grow, hopefully it inspires more people to get into it.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this post. 

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