This post summarizes data from cannabis drink reviews.

Price, Content and Energy

Package price is shown via the top left bar graph. Average package price is shown by the grey line. Colour is denotes the price peg mg of content. 


I asked a dietician what aspect of these drinks they’d look at first. Sugar was the answer.

Bottom left, milligram of carbohydrate is shown. Average carbohydrate for the group is shown by the line. Colour denotes the caloric intake shown on each drink.


Content and Equivalency

On right, THC and CBD are shown for each product are shown with averages for each cannabinoid.

Cannabis equivalency is shown bottom right.

Nutritional Information

Below, we summarize nutritional information shown on drink packages. The data is shown stacked with respect to product (on left), and grouped by nutritional element or compound (right).

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