Looking at Aurora’s Gummies today. These were purchased at Omkara in Calgary.

Here’s how this review went. I bought these, and took some photos of them while thinking ‘wow, these look like they taste good’. So I ate one. Turns out, they taste great!

Apart from what I wrote below, that’s as far as I can take you. A product like this is for people starting out with cannabis or light users, someone who doesn’t use it at all, or very little. If you use cannabis regularly, all five of these probably won’t do anything for you, you’re buying them for the taste. Which, take it from me, is great.

Price was $8.99 for 5 gummies, which have 2 mg of THC each. Newbies getting two uses out of these might find the price accessible. I’d imagine you’d feel differently after buying 30 of these bottles. The good news is this product is easy to make at home. And plus, there’s all these cool molds you can use. I prefer Space Invaders.

Check out the review below. I don’t have a review protocol for edibles so I just listed the headers I thought were relevant.


Aurora Drift Raspberry Gummy




The gummy is shaped like a half sphere, with the radius about 2.5-3 centimetres




The shape of the gummy works really well for keeping it in your mouth. The top of the gummy is rounded and smooth, while the bottom is rough, and seems a bit more easily penetrated by the enzymes breaking down the sugars in the gummy. I had an easy time keeping it on my tongue and moving it around against the roof of my mouth.




The taste is excellent. They do a good job of capturing the Raspberry profile but there’s a bit of dynamism in the in the taste that gives the profile a bubbly feeling almost like it’s carbonated. I certainly didn’t notice any cannabis type taste or earthiness in the gummy but i had to stop myself from grabbing a second one right away it was so good.

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