Doing a vape cartridge today. This one was built by Haven St. and it is my first retail vape cartridge purchase.

I grabbed this at Lake City Cannabis when I was bringing Ryan the Creek Congo gifted by Andrea at Village Bloomery.

By my eye, these cartridges are convenient and covert, but they do not offer the same sensation as dried flower. I’d consider them valuable in a situation where privacy is a high priority but expense likely prevents their usage outside of that circumstance.

I like to imagine olfactory profiles like a polynomial function or, a curvy line, where it starts high, and meanders downwards in a sinusoidal pattern. The area under the curve is everything within sensation. Similarly, I’d convey the olfaction of this vape pen as a collection of high magnitude peaks, 3 or 4, without the connection in between. Next to the expanse of olfaction offered by actual cannabis flower, the vape pen feels like cheap cologne, which I don’t mean too critically, I knew this was a manufactured product before I bought it.

Expense is the other factor I felt during the review. Active content in this cartridge (not including terpenes) is 450mg, price was $85. Doing the rough math, that’s a little less than $20 per 100mg of THC or CBD, about 3.5x the average of the same measure from my dried cannabis purchases. 

If I were to do more of these reviews, I’d add ‘function’ into the scope. This cartridge seemed to function fine. I was able to use the entire contents without issues with clogging, or otherwise.

Packed date was November 29 2019, not sure if date is a relevant measure with these products.

Product type is distillate (as per listing)  but I cannot find this shown on the label.

The ingredients list Cannabis Extract and Flavouring Agents.

Equivalency is 2 grams of cannabis.

Here’s what I wrote for the review:


Haven St. Drift No. 440

The fluid inside the slender chamber is transparent with a yellow hue. At room temperature the contents are viscous, not runny.

The actual cartridge has two metal bands to mark the top and bottom of the chamber. The air inlets seemed to be relegated to the top band, there is little air intake happening at the bottom of the cartridge, I suspect. The tip of the cartridge is a blue plastic piece which is transparent, so you can see the vapour pathway within.


The unit feels pretty sturdy, it actually weighs more than the battery I’m using it with.


There is no scent outwardly. The unit itself is undetectable and does not emit a smell.


The taste has an industrial feel. Olfaction is comprised of a collection of few notes, in high magnitude. Comparing to the flavour profile of dried cannabis flower, the taste is narrow, and abbreviated, but not lacking in fortitude. Character is reduced in depth but not magnitude.


This is my first review of a vape cartridge. In terms of qualitative value over other vape cartridges, I have little information to offer. Compared to flower, and other concentrate products, ease of use provides extra value to these pens. On the go, or places you need to be covert, I’d imagine these do very well. Price on this unit was $84.29, and I wouldn’t consider buying it again at that price.


Are you in a situation where hiding your cannabis use is in your best interest? Vape cartridges are there for you. Do you enjoy cannabis flower and want a little piece of that, boiled down into a pocket-sized version? I can confidently say Drift #440 will take you 15% of the way.

After one vape cartridge review, I feel they’re a bit like Band-Aids, there when you need it, but I hope you don’t have to use one every day.



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