Here on, we end up talking about the same old boring cultivars, over and over. And don’t worry, I always find a way to muster up some excitement for the 5th CBD Skunk Haze we’ve seen. But I don’t have to for this one, we’re checking out Dreamsmasher Haze, I’m pretty sure this is an original creation, grown by WaterTekHydro.


Starting this story at its most familiar point, you’ve seen DNA Genetics Tangie in our Canadian market, San Raf calls it Tangerine Dream, Aurora has it as Summer Fling. The incredibly popular Tangie wasn’t bred by DNA specifically, it was actually created by an adjacent group called Crockett Family Farms. Compared to other breeders, Crockett has a small but unique collection of genetics, many of which are bred with something they call ‘Family Secret’. Which brings us to Crockett’s Dawg, a cross of Guava Dawg and their Family Secret.

In the cross we review today, Dreamsmasher Haze, Crockett’s Dawg is the male and Super Silver Haze is the female counterpart. The latter of which I attribute to Green House Seeds, but can find some evidence that it may be a Nevil Shoenmaker creation that was popularized by Mr Nice and Green House in parallel. Either way, we have a relatively unique pairing, a compilation of well known European genetics, with a lesser known American cultivar. As I said before, this looks like an original creation, not available via retail channels.

Guess on Cultivar

Dreamsmasher Haze wasn’t on my radar previous to this contest, so there was no chance at success here. I called it a Hindu Kush cross, which I don’t feel so bad about. Most of the frontage was floral with soft powders, very much like some of the top notes of an Afghan or a Hindu, I’d argue.

Cannabinoid Content

Good numbers on Dreamsmasher Haze, almost 40% above the contest average. It placed 2nd in the high THC category. THC percentage reached the 25s and also has some THCV, 0.82%, which I don’t have a comparable average for, so I’m not sure if ~1% is high or low.

Check the review, I loved it. The top score I awarded was 91/100, I gave Dreamsmasher Haze an 89. It was top 5 of all the entries I reviewed and the judges rated it 5th overall. Fantastic cultivar, wonderful grow.

Thanks for reading the review today, next week we’ll look at another entry from this grower, which won the judges category, Bruce Banner.

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