Hey thanks for joining me today, this is an unbranded flower called Double Death Bubba.

I didn’t catch this previous to purchase, but the lineage for this flower is listed as being the same as regular Death Bubba (Death Star x Bubba Kush). When purchasing this, I thought it would be a Death Bubba crossed back to a Death Star, or Death Bubba; but that’s not the case. So I’m not exactly sure what makes this ‘double’.

Strangely enough, there’s legal seeds available from a Canadian company called 34th St., which is a Death Bubba x Bubba Kush cross; they call it Bubba Kush 2.5. So if you clicked on this link, and were disappointed that Double Death Bubba doesn’t differ in lineage from Death Bubba, the legal market has an option. I think this is the first time I’ve been able to say something like that.

Buyer Motivation

Lineage, prospect at a double dose of Death Bubba


Single gram arrived as one bud. Shape is pyramidal, peak is sharp. Vibrant green on orange, coverage looks below average.


Firm with some give. Grinding requires some torque.


Scents are gassy spice, really punchy nutmeg with a rubber underside. The distance traveled happens quickly and ends abruptly, the profile starts and ends in the earth tones. The vertical between is where the action happens, this is uptown brown and downtown brown. The notes swing from bitter chocolate flecked with fuel to burnt coffee grounds.


Taste is earthy gas with sweet sauce on the side. Secondary notes of pine and chunky chocolate earths are vastly overshadowed by the topside gas. Character is very similar to a a traditional Bubba Kush, I would not be able to tell them apart. 

Value Statement

$7.99 for the single gram with no bulk discounts. Accessible for small purchases, but there’s better options for larger, repeat purchases.


Qualitatively, this left a great impression. 

Consumer Benefits

Great flavour profile, for an accessible price.

Consumer Pains

Lineage; not sure how Double Death Bubba differs from regular Death Bubba.


Strain name. Price. Indica designation.


Payment, not tested product, other issues due to vendor type.

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