Hey all, visiting Barney’s Farm today, courtesy of @donfazool.


There’s a specific Bubba Kush phenotype from Cannabiogen called Peyote Purple, Barney’s crosses this with their Critical Kush to create Peyote Critical.


The surface of the bud is deep violet and green, against auburn stigma and a good coat of trichomes covering a mix of purple and rich green hues.


Feel is firm, the bud was large and got squished during shipping.


Scent is earthy, broad with flat herbs slightly fogged by fruity skunk, blunting the upward notes in the profile. Like an elephant in a room, profile is benign but obtuse, doesn’t move much but you cant hardly miss it.


Tastes are sweet, with the metallic skunks and woodsy spices tamping the back of the palate. All is encapsulated in an herbaceous aura, flecked by nutmeg, aromatic wood and under-ripe berry. Finish leaves with sweet citrus, palate feels freshened, almost stringent, never losing the floral aspect.


All my reviews are done with the same Volcano vaporizer. I smoke rarely. Here I did and made some comments. Thought I would provide them:

Flat sandy earth taste comes through right away. I definitely get some spicy or top notes and a very flat earth hit the palate the same way that they did when they were smelled fresh. The frontage is very sweet you can sense it almost immediately.


Thanks to @donfazool for making this review happen, when this gift was sent, they mentioned it was amongst the best of the grow. 

I don’t normally choose to grow a Barney’s Farm offering, so I really had no idea of Peyote Critical or Barney’s other popular Peyote, Peyote Cookies, so thanks again for showing us something we wouldn’t normally see on this website.

And thanks to everyone for reading this post!

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