Doing Rainbow Driver today. This is gifted cannabis from @donfazool, a home gardener from Ontario.

I believe this is freebie seed via Archive Seeds.


Took me a bit of searching, found a grow journal citing the lineage as: (Fruity Pebbles x Grape Pie) x Zkittlez. I’m a bit tentative on this because it doesn’t exactly follow the naming for Archive’s Rainbow Wreck or Rainbow Belts both of which includes Moonbow, a Do-si-Dos x Zkittles. But who knows?


The buds I was gifted are wide towards the base, coming to a shapely peak. Colouring is neutral, both the brown and green lean towards neutral hue.

Coverage is adequate, the stigmas help give the bud a fuzzy surface.


Feel is firm, the buds were compressed during shipping.


Frontage on the scents stems from the low side; dry aromatic woods, deeply floral with perfumed essence. The topside is soapy, with soft lavender. At the midriff, sweet citrus, which shares sweet and soft character with the adjacent section. The three sections behave like a three ring circus on the palate, each blending into an entropic dazzle.


In the tastes, the soapy florals seem tart against the softer wood-tones, playing over sweet earths paled by crumbled citrus notes. The sweet lavenders stick to the palate on the exhale like the scent of fresh laundry tumbled scented by the Downy Soft Bear.

I thought the profile was top notch; it took some of the elements I’d associate with a softer profile, and stretched them to places they wouldn’t normally be; it’s firm, and aggressively friendly, like a seasoned flight attendant can be sometimes. 


Big, big thanks to @donfazool for sending this over. He said this wasn’t his favourite but it sure was mine. I’m a big Archive seeds fanboy though.

More to come from Don Fazool’s tent. See you again for the next one. Thanks for reading.


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