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Looking at an unbranded version of Archive’s Do-Si-Dos, a cross between the OGKB girl scout cookie and Archive’s Face Off OG.

Buyer Motivation

Fan of the breeder.


Smaller buds, some bordering on popcorn sized. Light green colour with saturated orange stigma. Surface detail is interesting, its jagged, but deeply so, forming a rough surface. Trim is lazy.


Good feel, although a bit drier than most to the stuff from this vendor. I suspect the extra surface area doesn’t help.


Earths funked up with sweet cheese and herb. The earth tones re-appear as the profile descends into dank solvent.


Tastes are smooth and sandy earth tones under abbreviated berry and floral resonance. Depth of character exists in the earths while the secondary notes make up the countermelody.

Value Statement

Price was $5.56 per gram, or a $155 ounce. Definitely below average for both ends of the retail package price spectrum, but less so by the ounce.


Come with some good scents, didn’t really nail the character but it was in the right ballpark, with some unexpected secondary flavours, I’d say.

Consumer Benefits

Price. Value for money.

Consumer Pains

Overall quality isn’t stellar and is uneven across the buds received.


Strain name. Lineage.


Some may want to pay more for better quality, but you’re buying sight unseen so perhaps its more likely a feeling you’d get after the purchase.

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