This version of Do-Si-Dos wows with respectable visuals compounded by pleasant olfactory character and, on a larger scope, provides a glimpse into two notable Californian cultivars from past decades, and their influence on current popularity.

This is my 3rd review of American Cannabis purchased in California, and today we review what I’d call a trendy cultivar, the Do-Si-Dos.

I think the neat part of this cultivar is the lineage and, how the breeder is expanding this line. Before we get into the actual review, we need familiarize ourselves with the Girl Scout Cookie lineage. The ‘parents’ are, most often, a OG Kush and an African landrace, Durban Poison. And what we’re going to see here is the product of the progeny crossed back to one of the parents.

Generally, the Do-Si-Dos is a Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) variant crossed back to OG Kush. There are several popular cultivars that fit inside this general description, and because so many ‘OG Kush’ cultivars exist, each of them share somewhat familiar tastes but have their own unique character.

Specifically, the Do-Si-Dos cross starts with a unique OG Kush cut called Face Off OG. This cultivar has some clout in ’90s SoCal but, I’d argue, doesn’t have the market prevalence that other OG cuts, like the Lemon Larry or the SFV OG has today. The other counterpart of Do-Si-Dos, Girl Scout Cookies, is also a unique cut of GSC, which the breeder calls OGKB Girl Scout Cookie, a verified cultivar from NorCalICMag. By the way, the KB in OGKB stands for Kush Breath, and further details on this line is probably worthy of its own review.

ChemdawgxGSC listing from Archive Portland

Do-Si-Dos stems from Archive Seeds, they control the parental generation and are working multiple lines within it. They offer the original Do-Si-Dos, along with several phenotypes within the Dosidos F2 line (Archive drops the hyphen on the F2s).

Archive does not offer the OGKB Cookie hybrid, likely on purpose. In the original Do-Si-Dos description Archive mentions twice that the OGKB Cookie hybrid is verified, there are likely plenty of copies of this cultivar. Archive does offer the Face Off OG, in both BX1 and BX2.

Be on the lookout for Archive. They have a presence in the Pacific Northwest and their genetics seem fantastic. They seem to be breeding more now, but previously, I’d tell you they were a collector of clone only variants present throughout the market. There is a rarity called White Tahoe Cookies by @Kush4breakfast that Archive has, they are using it in their crosses now. Their Tina has won some recent cups in the indica category. I believe they also house the San Diego Cat Piss… I spent a fair bit of time on their website for this review, leaving a bit envious, wanting to go to Portland and visit their store.

Now that we’ve discussed the lineage, we can get into the actual review. By the way, this offering was not purchased at Archive and, at the time of purchase, I didn’t know enough to ask about the OGKB GSC verification, so this could be a knock-off, or not. I don’t know for sure.

The producer of this Do-Si-Dos is Tali847, the same producer of the Zkittlez we reviewed previously. The testing facility used is also the same (Infinite Chemical).

The dates shown on the Do-Si-Dos are interesting. This flower appears to have finished November 20 2018 and packaged a short 8 days later on November 28 2018.

THC% is rated at 24.97%, quite high, perhaps deserving of scepticism. Total cannabinoid content is 30.37% but the package does not say whether that value is potential or actual, or if it contains other minor cannabinoids.

The Do-Si-Dos buds came as a pair, each about equal mass. Buds are hybrid shaped, made up of smaller spherical buds along the nodes that amount to conical shape overall.

Trim is clean, not meticulous, but sufficient enough to allow the details to shine. Looks clean up close. Some of the trichome heads appear melded together, likely because of the packaging.

Scent is thick towards the low toned earths, viscous and cloying. Interprets comforting yet sharp, showcasing earthen dough tastes with acetone edges.

Taste of this Do-Si-Dos are a soft mix of sweet cookie earths, rich and doughy. Silky smooth with dazzling velvet, the profile is very attractive and has a certain mystique. Familiar; yet not, the OG tones at play here almost seem inside out and backwards, interlaced through the rich earths in such an appealing way. I find it hard to imagine how someone wouldn’t like this.

Price on this one was an acceptable $10USD per single gram or $13.44CAD at the time of exchange. In comparison to our Canadian prices, this price is pretty good for something of this high quality. There is also no legal producer of Do-Si-Dos in Canada, so for me, there is some added value of the new experience.

This Do-Si-Dos was nice, I’d grow it if it were available to me. If you have the opportunity, it’s worth a try, just to try it. These Cookie, OG type crosses are available from many other breeders, let’s mention a few.

The first one on my radar was Barney’s Farm ‘Cookies Kush’ (GSC, Rolex OG Kush) which won in the best coffeeshop category back in 2007, but you’d have to like Barney’s. The one I’m really looking forward to is the Rare Dankness offering, Pamelina, a forum cut cookie crossed to their Rare Dankness #2.

Closing this out, I hope I captured the Do-Si-Dos appropriately, hope you learned a bit about it and why some find it so special. Those encountering a Do-Si-Dos, I’d say it’s worth a go, especially for those who already enjoy a Girl Scout Cookie.

Even if you don’t encounter a Do-Si-Dos, keep an eye out for GSC x OG Kush crosses, again, mind the terminology, this is a general description that many cultivars could fit inside. A Canadian producer has a modified version of this style of cross available legally, I’ll leave you with the synopsis.

Broken Coast grows Karma’s Headstash, they call it Quadra. I’ve grown Headstash, the output was beyond delectable– I was over the moon for it. Generally, Headstash is also a mix of Girl Scout Cookies with two OG Kush variants and something called Cherrie Pie (another GSC cross). I haven’t tried the Broken version but I’d bet its worthwhile. So for those reading this, wishing they could have a piece of the Do-Si-Dos, you could get somewhat adjacent tastes from the Headstash… while you wait for the Do-Si-Dos to get here.

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