This is review #2 of flower sent in by Dom the Trader, grown in Alberta.

Here we have Dinafem’s OG. If you recall from the last review of Dom’s flower, Dinafem’s Afghani Kush had an interesting lineage, not typical for something called Afghani Kush. So I’m anticipating some attractive elements in the lineage. Quick BTW, Dinafem is a conglomerate, they own some other seed banks I’m sure you’re familiar with (Humboldt Seed Organization, for instance), so they could have access to some niche stuff. 

Going a bit out on a limb here, the Dinafem OG lineage reads to me like a re-build of OG Kush. The lineage cited in the seed description is Lemon Thai / Pakistani with a Chemdawg. They call the tastes “lemon mixed with gasoline” which from using the flower, I’d say they got right. The flowering time is 55 days for this OG phenotype, which is impressive if true.


Right off the bat, the structure of these flowers seems very hybrid like. Certainly, an Indica leaning hybrid, the surface detail of the flowers is more rumpled. Overall, its more segmented, you could almost see the individual nodes against each other.

Coloring of the flower dips into the darker green almost black, lacking any light violet that would bring it out of the dark shade. Contrasting this are the bright orange stigma breaking through the trichome coverage.



Dank petrol flares at the frontage of this profile, from low side which starts from rugged earth through piercing pine into grimy lime. The intensity of the top notes is most prominent, it has reach deep inside the sinus. 



Frontage on the profile is a blend of fuel, pine and low-end diesel, the latter of which, is pervasive throughout, tarnishing each note with its flavour. Despite the top side, which is fairly brazen, character overall is low and rugged.


Thanks very much to Dom the Trader for sending these flowers in, you can check back to their other Dinafem grow, the Afghani Kush.

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