Today we look at home grown flower from the desert of Alberta, Lethbridge.

This was sent in to me from Dom the Trader late last year. I reviewed it but took a while to post it. Dom never bothered me about it, which I think is really nice, but I would never bother him to tell him that.

This is one of two Dinafem flowers Dom sent, an Afghani Kush. The lineage on this is a bit atypical for something called an Afghani Kush, but I’d call it more interesting than disruptive.

Dinafem lists their Afghani Kush as a cross of Purple Kush and a Bubba Kush, which I’d tell you brings prominence to the sweeter, more fruity aspects to the typical Afghani flavour profile. This was sent to me labeled as a Kush, which I felt fit the olfaction, only after when I read Dinafem’s description did I learn this was different. The differences in taste wasn’t something I was able to perceive without the guidance. 


Colouring leans far into the lime green tones for this flower, and there’s good depth within the hue. Overall, colouring is all green, Even the stigma, which is a lighter brown seems drowned out.



The buds exhibit looser growth pattern, they have almost a casual aspect about them. Shape of the bud remains wide from base to tip, but both end up appearing lengthier than rounded, appearing very cylindrical.   



Scent of the unground flowers has the feel of wet wood like dank pine. The earthy base of the composition isn’t aggressive or spicy instead, it’s prominently soft, more representative of the sweet earth tones of a Hindu Kush.



Like the scents, the frontage on the flavors is soft earth, prominently myrcene, mixing to varnished pines on the backside. The top side of the profile are brightened by citrus fruit, lacking the acidic bite you’d associate with lemon or lime, but is still sweet and fruity, which gives it an almost tropical feel.


Big thanks to Dom for sending this in. We’ll take a look at another over the next week; Dinafem’s OG Kush.

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