Looking at a Dieseltonic today, there are a couple notes here I don’t want to miss.



Dieseltonic is a a close relative of the highly regarded Cannatonic, and good evidence that Cannatonic is not a MK Ultra x G13 cross.

Not going out on a limb here, its confirmed by the breeder, the lineage of Cannatonic is actually a NYC Diesel crossed to a landrace known as Reina Madre. And here today, we review the backcross, Cannatonic back to it’s parental (assumed) NYC Diesel. 

You don’t need to take my word for it. Do the taste test yourself. Most of the offerings involved are available, I found it pretty clear.

Here’s a link to the breeders site.



This Dieseltonic is an illicit offering, priced under the average price for a one gram package. The listing also includes cannabinoid content, which for this offering, is about half of what you’d see from a CBD dominant cultivar from the legal market, on average. By mass, it’s slightly underpriced. By active content, it’s substantially over priced.

Discounting a listing based on active content price is like discounting a movie for how long it runs. People do it, but I’d suggest it as an element to consider, not the only element to consider. With that in mind, I’ve always been interested to run these calculations on illicit offerings, so I did, and there’s the number.

Before I leave this point, I’ll mention I felt this Dieseltonic looked really good, and I’ve unboxed a ton of homely looking cannabis which was rated at 22% total content.  So it’s a datapoint that I take, just like the others, but this one seems a bit against the grain. If the number is accurate, I’m surprised it is so low.

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