We use a sensory criteria to evaluate how the cannabis looks, feels, smells and tastes. Right now we add all those numbers up for each offering, and that’s what we use to create our ranked list of reviews, or the cannabis products that did the best, qualitatively. 

We also take a few other measures that are more subjective; one of them is product desirability, which is the most direct measure on how much we liked it. 

Below we show desirability for everything we’ve reviewed, sorted by reviewer. Recommendable offerings are coloured teal, brown for not.

Hover or tap each bar to bring up more information about the offering, including the statement on desirability.  I’ve also included the rank of desirability and the rank of the criteria total for each offering to highlight those which did better on the desirability scale than they did on the quality scale or vice versa.

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