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Thanks for joining me for this week’s review, we’re looking at Delta 9’s Stargazer.


You’ll read below that I’ve confused this with Broken Coast’s Star Gazer; which is likely wrong.

While browsing seed websites the other day, I stumbled upon a breeder called Delta 9 who has an offering called Stargazer; which is a blend of Warlock, AK-47, and Sensi Star. I feel like this is much more likely.

Pre-Review and Product Return

When I unboxed this cannabis and started to place it in a light box, I noticed a dark spot on the underside of one flower. I took a few close pictures of the dark spot.

I developed the photos and posted them in a message thread where the other participants confirmed the observation. I posted a tweet with the pictures and information about the purchase.

The producer contacted me via twitter, providing an email address. I responded via email, and they requested that I send this cannabis back to them. I agreed. A few days later, I received a package containing a pre-paid shipping label; as well as some cannabis accessories. I sealed the cannabis container in a food saver bag, and mailed the cannabis to the address provided to me.

During the period of time between the initial contact with the producer, and receiving the package, I wrote notes on the flower. I did not use or taste this cannabis, but I was able to smell it.


I’ve encountered mould on retail cannabis twice in about 290 retail purchases, it is a rare occurrence. The characteristic aroma emitted from this flower is not, it smells similar to a lot of retail cannabis I review; I suspect I smell mould, or other types of growth, more often than I see it.

For concerned consumers, good, even light is the best tool you can use when looking for mould. Look for areas of dark (or light) contrast against the colour of the flower. The smell wasn’t concentrated to one bud. The entire container yielded the scent, which was more dusty and obtuse than it was pungent and sharp; so you may notice it first by sight, not smell.



All measures are below average; price, content and packing length.

Packaging date was 42 days before I bought this product, which is about half the average from this store, and 25% less than the brand average.

Qualitative aspects are all poor, and I ranked it at the tail end of the list.

Thanks for reading this week’s review, hope you enjoy it.

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