Delta-9 Lemon Skunk

Today we review Delta 9’s version of Lemon Skunk. I’d say it’s a good example of getting what you pay for.


Structure and size are the features that you might feel good about. The olfactory features are lacking to the point where I couldn’t support the price even if I got really wild with the logic; there’s just nothing to stand on here. Again, we’ve seen this before, but I can’t relate the break in price made me feel like the quality was acceptable.


I’d like to tell you this Delta 9 Lemon Skunk is fair value. I’d love to tell you its a great deal, but I can’t. The only consolation I can offer is I’ve seen this quality sold at $14.99/g, here we see it again at $4.28 per gram.

These price points are low, and new. So, while I’m not encouraging you to go out and buy this, I wouldn’t fault you did. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw it differently. In retrospect of my first few ‘lower-than-threshold-price’ purchases, I was too generous. But the feeling was short lived. So that’s the message I relate to you, the reader, you deserve better quality than this, but you might have to pay slightly more for it.


This weed is dismal, even at $4/gram.

Delta 9 has other brands that are priced a bit higher, some named after office supplies, like White Out. These are now also being discounted. Based on what I saw here, I’m more likely to play in the NHL, than I am to spend more on a top tier product from this producer. So I think this price gets product off the shelves, but there’s also collateral damage you have to deal with moving forward.

Still hungry for the $4 price point though. 

Here’s the silver lining, and it applies to consumers only. Get a good bud tender, in an actual store. For the most part, they’ll help you avoid some of this stuff, because they’ve seen the product, or heard the comments from people who bought it. With respect to the value proposition offered here, you’d be better off spending more, for multiples better quality. And it always helps to have guidance. 



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