Hey thanks for joining me for the review today; on this website, where I review the cannabis in the container, totally separate from my personal feelings on a producer’s approach to their consumers, such as the one depicted in this Mugglehead Magazine article.

Alright, let’s get this pretty positive review of Apple Fritter done.

Previous Experience

I purchased this Apple Fritter from Delta 9 via Alberta Cannabis along with the previously reviewed Stargazer product (back in October 2020).

Because the Stargazer product had visible mould, I checked this flower very closely, but did not observe anything that wasn’t supposed to be there.


Price is the attractive element here. I sort most online stores by low price and work my way up. Delta-9 gets a lot of ‘shelf space’ from this perspective.

Authenticity is also a driver. Sorting by price means weeding through many general indica/sativa/hybrid brands and renamed offerings. Delta-9 is one of the few with the true ‘strain name’ right on the package in the lower price points.

Colouring is good. With respect to the price point, this is an unexpected feature.

There’s an offering of Apple Fritter by Island Vibes in my personal database. This offering of Apple Fritter by Delta 9 is about 30% cheaper than the Island Vibes version (that was purchased from a non-licensed vendor, ACMedical). So there’s a point of positivity, I guess.

See you tomorrow for the next one.

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