Delahaze by MedReleaf (San Rafael ’71)

MedReleaf’s Delahaze makes a strong showing with good visuals and pronounced tastes, priced on the low side of average.

Today we review MedReleaf’s Delahaze. On their medical side, MedReleaf calls this one Luminarium and they’ve been offering it for years. They sell the Delahaze under their San Rafael ’71 brand, which I’ve had pretty good experience with so far. Their ‘tangerine dream’ is one of my favourites and one I highly recommend.

Delahaze is bred by Paradise Seeds, and it is offered by 4 licensed producers in Canada; MedReleaf, Emblem, Flowr and THC BioMed. We’ve review the THC BioMed offering previously but have yet to experience the other two.

Looking at recreational offerings, two producers have Delahaze in 6 different provinces, Flowr and Medreleaf.

My gram package of MedReleaf Delahaze arrived in two buds, one smaller and one larger. Visual appeal is high, trichomes seemingly blotting out the green material beneath. Trim left a few leafs, no big deal.

Leans on the dry side, to the point of being brittle, no surprises here. I wouldn’t tell you the lack of moisture content has compromised the quality of the bud, these two flowers have big olfactory presence. Grinds to a finer grain but releases a hefty amount of scent

The scent of these Delahaze flowers is intensely sweet and slightly mentholated, tingles the nose a bit. The profile interprets high frequency in the upper ranges, offering little in the low tones of the olfactory spectrum.

Flavours on this Dealhaze are sharp sweets and icy fruits, the profile also has breadth into the spicer wood tones you’d associate with a haze. Fairly harmonious with great intensity, like a buzz saw. Varying with bud size, longevity isn’t great and there isn’t much taste left after some time in the vaporizer. Tastes are intense at first but drop off quickly, some people may like it for quick use, but I prefer more area under a broader curve.

San Raf seems in it to win it, everything I’ve seen from them has this similar quality. Medreleaf has two additional brands, Alta Vie and Woodstock. I’ve reviewed 2 Alta Vie offerings so far but I can’t say I had a similarly positive experience.

This Delahaze is excellent, and slightly below average price for the web store I purchased it from, so I would absolutely recommend it on that basis.. Higher than average quality, lower than average price, that’s the side of the value proposition you want to be on. This listing does offer a bulk discount for larger packages. Stock is fairly reliable online in Ontario and BC so this is perhaps a good place for haze fans.

If you haven’t already, also look at this San Rafael ’71 ‘Tangerine Dream’, I think it offers some great quality product for less than historical prices. Just calling out the outlier areas as I see them, San Rafael has a few. I also recommend their Pink Kush for the same reason; above average quality, for lower than average price.

THC Biomed also has their Delahaze for $6 per gram, I can only find it on the medical side. I’d tell you’ll sacrifice quality but it’s almost 50% less expensive, so make your choices.

As we mentioned above, Delahaze is a Paradise cultivar. All their stuff is reliable like an AK-47 full of sand so you could absolutely grow this, with a bit of a caveat. For outdoor growers, this finishes early November. I’d recommend having a backup plan for snow. Maybe not so relevant so those in Ontario or BC, but where I am, we have snow by Halloween, regularly. But you could do it in a pot and bump it inside for the final week.

For indoor growers, Delahaze is a 70 day flower, so you can have your haze without the 14 week flowering length. Paradise notes it will do 1000 grams outdoors and 500 indoors so yield is fairly good whatever place you choose to grow it.

Closing out this review, you have some choice. You can grow this yourself, Paradise has a steep discount for medical patients. But for someone like me, that doesn’t want 500-1000 grams of haze, this retail offering of Delahaze offers more than adequate character for a fairly reasonable price. I hope we see more of this from San Raf.

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