Today we review Dela Haze a cultivar bred by Paradise Seeds, and offered by many producers in our Canadian legal market. This offering happens to be from Emblem cannabis, sold under their brand Symbl.

Like I said above you can get Dela Haze anywhere, so I’m looking at what sets this apart from some of the cheaper producers that offer this cultivar, namely THC Biomed.

Price isn’t favorable on this Emblem offering, it’s about $2 more than the other offerings of Dela Haze I have reviewed on this website. Nor does it meet the average cannabinoid content set by other Dela Haze, this is about 10% less.

Quality here wasn’t thrilling nor was it offensive for the price I paid. In terms of my past experience with Emblem, its a great improvement actually. With regards to the larger spectrum of all my reviews, it falls on the low side of average, but respectably so. There are worse, and better, places to spend your money lately.

Check out their review, or don’t. Whether you know about this Dela Haze, or not, your life will likely remain the same.

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