DoodDasher’s Death Bubba has observable good qualities but its negative aspects are easy to miss.

Today we review Death Bubba, one of my personal favourites.

Death Bubba’s constituents are the Death Star, a cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, the Paradise seed cultivar that many licensed producers grow, and Bubba Kush, an OG Kush cross with West Coast Dawg, a famed Chemdawg cultivar.

Visuals on this particular Death Bubba are average. These flowers are spherical and fairly uniform. They exhibit no give when pressed, density is high.

Up close is where the negative aspects come into play. This bud has a bunch of debris in it, from stuff that looks like a fingernail, thread, maybe a rock (maybe worse). It looks like it was rolled across a dirty table before it was bagged.

Tactile stimulus is good, we’re dry without being overly dry and the buds reek with character. No complaints.

Scents are hollow gasses and pungent earths. Much of it feels hostile, and twisted in on itself. Death Bubba is a rough beast; its character is momentous, lumbering and aggressive.

Death Bubba flavours are blown out earths, with fuel edged with softer sweets. There is some grit from the earths that bite into the fuels to give this profile its character. The fuels are massive, almost overwhelming, but the earths offer some security, enveloped within the powdery afghani notes.

Some Death Bubba’s have soaring electric limes as part of their profile, This particular flower is lacking of those top notes but brings much gas to like. Longevity is acceptable, the profile minimizes in taste after prolonged use.

Quick note on efficacy, the reputation for a Death Bubba is it propels the user into a ‘death like sleep’. That’s cool, but it may not be the same for everyone. My medical prescription is for insomnia, and I’ve personally found 1:1 THC:CBD cultivars helpful for sleep. I can get to sleep and I seem to dream more early morning. For the Death Bubba, and other profiles similar to this (Violator Kush, Rockstar Kush), I actually prefer for crowds or places I’m typically overstimulated. So again, listen to the marketing, it’s fun, but also listen to yourself.

Death Bubba is a Canadian cultivar, created by Matteo Suleyman in BC, he’s associated with a medical cannabis dispensary Sea to Sky in Vancouver BC. His Death Bubba is the one and only version of Death Bubba. I am unable to find genuine seeds for this, only a few rip-offs, which aren’t worth the time. Instead, I grew Cali Connection’s Jedi Kush, which includes a parent of Death Bubba, the Sour Diesel, Sensi Star cross, Death Star.

This particular Death Bubba came from DoobDasher, where it is priced $5.14 per gram, for 3.5 grams. Can’t really beat that price, but you have to weigh it against the poorer aspects of the product quality, which you probably won’t notice unless you look under magnification. And I’m not sure a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy is best for your personal health.

I’d be lying if I told you there was anything similar to Death Bubba available from a licensed producer. There are a few I could think of to recommend but you’d really have to use your imagination to get there. Be patient, that’s my recommendation. In the meantime, grab one of the grandparents, there are several Sensi Stars available.

Let’s look at the market for Death Bubba. We’re really popular in Canada for this one, especially in BC and Ontario. I can find only one Death Bubba listing for the US, in Michigan. Check the map on the left, Sea to Sky can be seen, they list their Death Bubba on a listing site for $13 per single gram.

DoobDasher’s price for Death Bubba is competitive, I can find $6 per single gram as the minimum for the range on the data set. So $5.14 per gram is a good discount on smaller bulk amounts, if it didn’t have a bunch of crap in it.

Anyways, there’s another one, observable quality, priced right, but I can’t get over how gross it looks up close. This is why I like legalization. Yeah, I see crap like this sold by some licensed producers, but I see it way more often, and in way higher magnitude on this side of the fence. Issues with dryness and seeds will get better, and untested stuff like this Death Bubba will naturally die out. It had its enjoyable moments, but this exists in a fragile time. The moment an LP offers Death Bubba with basic reliable quality there will be no need for this one.

Thanks for reading the review, happy to be writing it, but I don’t expect I’ll be writing one like this next year.

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