In my reviews, I try to avoid the assumption that a longer timespan between the packaging and purchase date correlates to poorer product quality.

To see if there is a relationship between packaging length and my perception of quality, we’re going to use packaging time and the my subjective rank across all my reviews.

For most reviews I log the date information shown on the label along with my purchase date, we’re looking at the difference between the two dates as the ‘packaging length’. In my reviews I make qualitative observations for each listing based on a set criteria (lineage, visuals, tactile, olfaction and value) and rank each listing numerically according to my feelings on performance within this criteria, it’s very subjective.

Below, I’ve plotted packaging length by rank and applied a trend line to the set. At the time of writing there is a low amount of support for a correlation between the package size and the subjective rank I use for each review.

In the second view, I show all reviews using a circle, the diameter of which corresponds to the days it spent in the packaging before I purchased it. The diagram has also been forted according to packaging length, shorter lengths are shown towards the inside, while longer lengths are brought to the outer perimeter. The rank for each review is shown by the circles colour, top ranked reviews are shown in gold, lower ranked reviews are shown in purple.

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