Today we review a Crop King offering called Dark Angel.

This is a cross of Jack Herer and Cheese, both cultivars are very popular. Crop King doesn’t give a source for either, but by name, you kinda know what you’re getting into.

I found this to be a very comfortable haze. The profile is haze prominent, anchored by its low tones, which I’d tell you are very soft.

While I wouldn’t call myself a big Crop King fan, of all the reviews I have from this vendor, Crop King seems to be the most common. So I feel like I’ve be able to see some good stuff, when I didn’t necessarily expect that I would.

Along the point of subjective value, this single gram is priced on the higher side of average, both for my purchases, and from this vendor. For some breeders, I’d be happy to rationalize the overage. Here you won’t find me as willing, but I wouldn’t say the lack of a trendy breeder name hurt this offering. I don’t mind saying I found it enjoyable at this price.

Thanks for reading today’s review.

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