So one morning, I’m browsing the Alberta Cannabis website and I see few Indica/Sativa products were listed as Miracle Alien Cookies. One was Daily Special, as well as a few others. Probably should have known it was an error, but I bought a few before I fully came to my senses.

And that’s how we come to review Sativa by Daily Special, brought to you by Aurora.

What actually arrived was OG Melon, that old thing. I think I pressed this cannabis, or maybe not; I forgot, which you might take as my formal qualitative review.


Visuals aren’t good. Depending on the angle, it can be acceptable or bad. The buds look broken up from large buds, some of it has ok development, some is larfy. I see seed pods, alongside good calyces. There’s good coverage, and areas where the trichomes are sparse.


Was dry, but nowhere near the worst I’ve seen.

Scent and Taste

I always enjoy the taste of this offering, although it does seem subdued. 


Last time I purchased Aurora’s OG Melon it was around $35.00 for this same package size, and I’d call the quality about the same on both.

Price on this recent purchase is $21.99 for the 3.5g package, or $6.28 per gram. The price point is less than average, I’d still have a hard time making the case it’s favorable to the consumer at the quality I saw, but it’s close.

Favourable trajectory in price is one thing. Bottom line for me, there’s better options out there in this segment– several. 


Daily Special Sativa. If you like the OG Melon, it’s a step in the right direction, but there are much better value options available to consumers looking for basic Sativa/Indica/Hybrid offerings, or those shopping around this price point.

Daily Special Sativa
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