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I completed 7 chocolate reviews in March of 2021, this is the first of the set. All reviews were completed concurrently, within about an hour.

And there’s no set protocol. I make sensory observations, and provide comment based on my personal preferences.

Consumer Report

I’ve decided not to add price and content calculations to this review. Instead, check this link for a report that covers all chocolate products from a consumer’s perspective. 


I’ve broken into quadrants, yielded a firm snap, and clean breaks.


Appears to have no caramel centre, it’s a homogenous mix.

In the macro shots you can see some bubbles, particularly where the creases and stamps are. I don’t know enough about chocolate to suggest how this is a detraction, but I’ve read some other sources to suggest that it is, so you’re on your own here, reader.


Pairing this chocolate with a Red Ale.

Taste is very sweet, and cool, indicative of milk chocolate. 

After 15-20 seconds, I can taste the mocha, particularly as I move the chocolate around in my mouth. Its well blended so the mocha accents the cool milk chocolate, and seems more bitter because of it. 

Takes about 45 seconds for a quarter piece to dissolve.

Another piece, and I swish it around with some Red Ale, it actually works. Doesn’t taste too bad.

I take a third piece, and chew it. Consuming within a 5 second period, living life like a bad ass.

The forth piece is savoured. Throughout the 4, I cannot detect any earthiness, or notes that would lead me to believe there is cannabis in these chocolates.


Of the 7 chocolates, I preferred this the most. The tastes were novel enough to be interesting at its introduction, there’s a lot going on. But everything is still casual, not overdone. 

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