Checking out Dad Bod Sativa shatter today.

This was listed as Sour D, but you could peel pack the label to see it was previously called Sour Grape, which, strangely enough, is the feeling I got from buying this.

I do the review as usual below, but I happened to be reviewing this around the time I was mailing a package over to Squid Pants, so I sent this over to him for a second opinion.


dad bods pun, price


Looks the part, fairly transparent and has a darker amber hue.


Brittle, solid at room temp. Can be loaded by hand.


Very little smell from the shatter itself


Frontage is slight myrcene followed by a deluge of tarry resin, and residual taint. The leave tastes like hot smoke inhaled through a PVC tube. I tried it twice and won’t use anymore.


Half gram was $23.99. Price was slightly lower than other brands. Price is historically high.


Very poor. Tastes like something went wrong.


Virtually none. Maybe cheap high?


The taste.


Price point.


First purchase kills any chance for repeat purchase

Post review Second Opinion From Squid Pants

Being a good friend, when I found this wasn’t palatable, I sent it to Squid Pants so they could also use it.

He used this in his Volcano, with the concentrate pad on full heat.

So, here’s what he said:

“Fresh pad in the volcano so nothing else to interfere.

As it heated mild scent I could barely detect, then a scorched smell.

Two quick half bags, first was thicker, almost no scent or taste, second one even though more heated up, no better.

As it cools now very faint frankincense scent, which is the same as the rosin you sent ages ago had but far fainter.

I’ve only had shatter like 3 or 4 other times and the taste a scent were WAY better.

[Regarding the name] they could call it whatever they want because no smell or enough taste to take a guess.

Really tried to get the scent off the shatter itself and could only smell curry from lunch faintly, so I know I can smell.”

Traveling Squid Pants

Being a good friend, when Squid Pants did not prefer this product, he brought it to a mutual friend of ours so they could use it.

I got to have a quick conversation with them all about it.

Paraphrasing, the last person to try this hot potato had similar comments about the [absence of] tastes. Admittedly, this person had limited experience with a shatter product, and were very impressed with the intensity and duration of effects. 


In the store I purchase from, Qwest’s Blendcraft Sativa shatter is $5 more expensive (+20%) in this package size (0.5g), thats the offering I’ll be moving to next.

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