Cultivar Guesses

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Always one of my favourite parts of any blind cannabis contest, guessing the cultivar guesses or flower.

I find it difficult to do, especially if I have no previous experience with the grower or flower. I find myself guessing what I know, and not necessarily taking any wild guesses.

Cultivar Guesses

We’re using the TCLEWSI data here. We asked all the judges to guesses what cultivar they were evaluating.

We got about 170 responses in total, and people took a guess at what they were smoking about half the time, making for about 80 responses. 

You’ll see, familiarity seems to go a long way. The cultivars that yielded the most cultivar guesses, correct or otherwise, were also gifted to some members of the group by Squid Pants.

First let’s look at what people guessed, or what they thought they were smoking. I left everything in here; sarcastic answers, and some that were just punctuation.

Cultivar Guesses

Next we’ll look at the amount of cultivar  guesses yielded for each of the entries, or which entries people felt comfortable guessing on.

I’ve grouped the variants above by common text, and shown those grouped values as one colour below. I’ve also filtered out null values, or people that didn’t make a guess. Check out Landrace Thai and Remo Chemo, both with 4 and 3 judges (respective) guessing the same on both.

Next we’re looking at the percent of judges that made a cultivar guesses by the guess that was made. And I’ve grouped similar values as per above, but nulls are back in.

First is Blue Dream, a very popular cultivar and one I find myself guessing. Two people guessed correct. One had Bubble Gum and another came up with Grape Ape, I’d give them credit for being in the same ballpark.

Next is BMG, this plant was a C99 crossed to Greenhouse’s Pure Kush. Lot’s of null guesses and the rest are spread around. A highly suspicious correct answer likely from Squid Pants; this was not their entry, but it is their cross.

Next up is the Future self cross.

I found this one difficult and I don’t think I entered a guess for this one. It garnered some wild guesses, none doubled up, or were correct.

I had just seen Squid Pant’s Thai, but I didn’t guess this one right. I answered Neville’s Haze.

Several people were close, four people guessed correct, or were close enough.

Malibu Marsha, by Exotic Genetix. It’s a Tropicana with their Cookies and Cream.

Nobody guess right, one double up for Blue Dream. To me, this set of guesses has a similar feel to the cultivar guesses for Blue Dream.

The contest winner, Mango Sunrise, garnered a lot of guesses, relatively few judges didn’t have a guess.

None were correct, although we did get one mango.

This entry had some hard looks to it, an OG Kush auto.

Some judges were cheerful about it, calling it Hippy Hay or Hemp, while others chose a tough love style description.

Next we have Pink Punch 2.0, a Purple Punch, Pink Cookies cross.

Aside from one correct response, this one garnered cultivar guesses from seemingly every corner of cannabis scent profiles. 

This next one yielded some precise guesses, the Platinum Kush Mints cross.

Couple of fairly close cultivar guesses, I’d throw the gelato and the Remo Chemo in there as pretty close as well. I think the Sunset Sherbet guess was mine, which is kinda close. 

Remo Chemo next, this is another clone Squid Pants has gifted around.

Couple right answers, a few more nulls. Couple wild ones as well with the Blue Dream, Trainwreck, and Garlic Breath.

Runaway Bride, this is a Malawi x Panama, crossed to a Gorilla Zkittlez x Wedding Cake, and it yielded a lot of nulls, not many people took a guess at this. In retrospect, I’d say Jack Herer would be the closest guess here.

This was my entry, Archive Race Fuel male with a Jordan of the Islands Zeus female. The plant leans towards the mother, which has Northern Lights, God Bud, and Afghani in the lineage.

These are seeds I’ve made and never shared, so not surprisingly, many null guesses were received, with a few Kush guesses that are pretty close.

Lastly is Sweet ‘n Sour by Mephisto. Yielded a few nulls and that Blue Dream again. 

A ton of the cultivar guesses received were Blue Dream, Blueberry Haze or Bubble Gum. Which makes me wonder, is entering a Blue Dream, or a similarly familiar cultivar into a contest a good idea? I’ve asked this question before, but still don’t know the answer. For this contest, the winner was Mango Sunrise, and no judges who guessed, thought it was Blue Dream.

Check back to the main TCLEWSI post of the summary on all entries, and a run down on how they were graded.


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