Reviewing Crunchberry today, its a Blueberry, OG cross.

By name you might think it tastes like cereal. I’d tell you it’s closer to melting a car tire slightly, and then licking the drippy parts; its edges are near caustic.

Crunchberry is bred by Exotic Genetics. Its a Triple OG, with Blueberry. This cultivar, actually called Crunch Berries, is from Exotic’s 2017 Triple OG line. I’d tell you the operative part of this parental lineage is the Triple OG. it’s a cross of Triangle Kush, Constantine, and Master Yoda. All of which can be loosely called, OG types, some more looser than others.

Like I said above, tastes on this billy goat were gruff. The flavour profile here starts, and stays low, doesn’t sway much from the original impression it makes. That’s as far as I can take you via the flower I saw. The way they’ve named this leads me to believe there are sweeter phenotypes of Crunch Berries available. 

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