Hey everybody!  Squid Pants here going through some more of the homegrown that Pancakenap mailed me a short while ago.  This was another cultivar he sent that I was really excited to try, so why not share it with everyone!


Tangieland is Tangie X Candyland and the breeder is Crockett Family Farms.

Crockett Family Farms has a multi-generational history and first came to my attention for their creation, Tangie.  Tangie genetics are a draw to me but I also get bored of the flavour sort of fast so it’s a treat, not a daily driver.

Which brings us to a cultivar that broke my heart; Candyland.  To be fair it’s not the plant’s fault, it’s because Tweed are incompetent producers.  When the first legal store opened here in Toronto I popped in on the second day it was open and picked up Houndstooth from Tweed, which is in fact Candyland.  I include getting ripped off once in highschool in the following statement when I say it was literally the worst weed I ever had in my life.  Candyland was bred by Ken Estes of Grand Daddy Purps fame, and Candyland is Grand Daddy Purple X Bay Platinum Cookies which is some mighty fine ancestry.  The problem was completely to do with the producing company and blame lies with them alone.

Grower’s Motivations

If you are reading this site then you are almost definitely familiar with Pancakenap.  So instead of just making up stuff for laughs I asked him what his motivations were for popping this specific seed.  His response was “Flavour profile, wanted a tangie with the sweet cookie flavour. Which I don’t think that plant provided”.  So we go into this knowing he was disappointed.  However, all because you don’t get the profile you wanted doesn’t make it objectively bad so let’s check this out.

Looks, Feel, Scent & Taste

Unground scent is pure tangie with a bit of bubblegum in the tail.  Ground is quite different.  The tangie scent is still as present but pine screams out.  There’s no room for any other scent as those two major notes fight it out.  Expected some elements from the Cookies in there, but if it is indeed present I just can’t fight through the main notes to find it.  Not sure if I’ll like this, but I am really curious.

Taste is closer to what I expected before grinding; Tangie, and I do detect a bit of some of the taste I would expect from a Cookies descendant.  Where did the pine go?  It’s just lying in wait to launch a surprise assault after a bit of dry down.  So vapourized I wasn’t too keen on the finish, your tastes may vary.  I also rolled a joint, and smoked it’s like a banana-y tangie.  I would go so far as to call it like banana bread somehow.  The pine taste never poked its head up here at all, and that confuses me.

Consuming this is like playing Homer Simpson’s carnival game idea where people throw ducks at balloons and nothing is what it seems.

Feel is decent, grinds are more chunky than fluffy but with nice cohesion so no complaints.

Despite a looser structure and, shall we say, a relaxed trim, looks are pretty nice.  Colouring is really pleasing too.  I asked Pancakenap if he could supply the photos on this one as what I had received was a bit smooshed from shipping.  I got to preview the photos he’s going to include here and yes, they are a fair representation of what I got.

Closing Comments

No one got what they expected here, but what we have is interesting and is enjoyable if a bit odd.  This is how home growing from seed goes, traits are not necessarily predictable.  I’d go on about genetics and probability here but the second math shows up in any way most people run for it.  Suffice it to say seeds are usually unpredictable.  The grower tends to form a fantasy about what they think they will get and often you get something that’s far from what you assumed.  Sometimes what you get is a collection of the worst traits of each parent, sometimes the best but usually it’s a mix.  Here it’s a mix, and it’s not bad but if he was selecting for breeding or production, he would have culled this one.

So, we have a likable failure here, nothing wrong with it but not what’s being sought.  If anyone in the movie industry wants to option this story to make some sort of lovable underdog feel-good movie we’re ready to negotiate!


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