Critical Kush (City Lights) Pre-Roll by Organigram (Edison)

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Today, we review Organigram’s Critical Kush (City Lights) pre-roll product.

This is my 9th review of an Organigram product, and my 10th review of a pre-roll product purchased from the Alberta Cannabis online store.

This particular pre-roll contains 0.5 grams of cannabis. Total THC per unit is 81.5 mg with less than 0.35mg total CBD. Price was $13.90 per gram.

Like past pre-roll reviews, the contents were removed from the paper and placed in a filter box. The cannabis was filtered by shaking the box intermittently over a 7 day period. The separated material was then photographed and weighed.

In total, 0.47 grams of material was recovered from the two groups. The pre-roll contents that fell through the filter weighed 0.22 grams or 47% of the total material recovered. The contents that did not pass through the filter weighed 0.25 grams or 53% of the total material recovered.

The unfiltered group is likely not devoid of usable content but, as you can see in the pictures, this Organigram pre-roll product contains an observable amount of stem and premature seeds, again.

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