Hey pancakenap here, with Creekside Garden’s version of Archive’s Casper OG.


The breeder is Archive Seeds. This is a cross of Ghost OG and Archive’s Face Off OG.


I called the visuals good. This quarter ounce package arrived as 2 large buds. Trim is close on the top surface of the bud but gets lazy on the underside. Colouring is pretty typical green and orange. Coverage isn’t anything to balk at.


Thick buds with a dense feel.


Scents are dank pine over myrcene. A fruity aspect defines the top notes of the profile. There is little gas here. Strength is good, and the profile interprets friendly.


Dank pine, spicy heat, and smokey earth characterizes the profile. Dries down into gritty pine, but keeps a blended composition throughout. There isn’t one side of the profile that’s more noticeable than the others.


Price on this quarter ounce was $50.59, or $7.23 per gram. That’s with a 30% discount. Regular retail price was $65.77, or $9.40 per gram.  I’d call value above average at the discount price.

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