Looking at Creek Congo today, this is by a company called Rubicon Organics.

This retail offering was sent in by Andrea Dobbs of Village Bloomery, she paid the whole cost, with shipping. I beat around the bush about reciprocity but quickly got the idea she wasn’t having any of it. She does, however, want a specific offering called Sour Grapefruit, so I’m keeping an eye open for it so I can gift it back to her.


Two more things to note.

Usually I post reviews in the order I bought them in and maintain a gap of about 30-40 reviews between what I post and what I’m currently writing. For this review, I’ll bump up the timeline.

Also, Andrea provided a second package of this Congo, which I delivered over to Ryan at Lake City Cannabis. I also brought him a huge garbage bag full of my empty containers, which he took without making me do any sorting work.

So, for those that skipped the paragraphs above, I didn’t pay for this weed, but I’m going to talk about the value, the same way I always do.

After writing this review, I did a follow up look on Simply Bare’s web site. Apart from a few naked puns and some info on organic/living soil, this flower is also noted as being ‘cold cured for 14 days’. The site also claims a 2.7% terpene content for the lot I review.

Here we go with this mouthful, BC Organic Creek Congo.


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