The slight hints of flavour offered by Emblem’s production of TGA SubCool’s Conspiracy Kush does little to save itself from the revolting visuals endured before consuming it.

By the numbers Conspiracy Kush is pretty attractive. I can find it at only one delivery service and one online store in Canada priced at $17 and $9 per single gram, respective. In the US, I can find it listed in Arizona, Oregon and Washington primarily, still a small listing count of 20 and most listings start at 3.5 gram packages ($27.9USD on average). There is one outlier listing in Colorado, $16USD per gram. Emblem is the only legal producer to claim it in Canada.

I mentioned that this is a TGA Subcool cultivar, a breeder I have had really good experience with. TGA’s flagship is called Space Queen, a mix of Romulan and the legendary Cinderella 99. We see it here in this Conspiracy Kush, a Space Queen crossed to something called Obama Kush, a relatively unknown OG, Afghani cross. There is some information to suggest this cultivar was originally created by Heros of the Farm and looks like it was incorporated into TGA’s menu sometime during 2017.

Visual appeal for this Conspiracy Kush or Bella Luna is terrible. Buds are small, tight and compact, but connected to large stems or unsightly trim that could have easily been removed. In my gram container there is one acceptable looking top, but it only looks good from one side. The remaining contents are a mix of crumble or scant buds with large stem attached.

The dryness we’ve complained about in the past two reviews continues here. You do not need a grinder for this, it will crumble with your fingers and I recommend you wash your hands afterwards.

Up close, it’s frightening, the details underneath turn the stomach. I rarely see hair and fibre on legal cannabis, but there is a large, gag-worthy fibre linking two of the buds together. The face of some of the trim leaves show some unusual white colouring. I suppose the stem is a nuisance as well, but the closer you look, the worse it gets.

I’ve crumbled off a few usable tips in order to continue this review, which I am not proud of.

The scent of the buds have some sour berry, maybe some light florals and gas. The flavour is scarce, a bit better than the previously reviewed Sour Kush, but too faint to continue the discussion.

There are no alternative recommendations to make here. This is no price point low enough to buy it. If you’re considering purchasing the Bella Luna to try TGA/Heros’ Conspiracy Kush, maybe hold out for something better.

In the span of these 3 reviews my idea of Emblem as a producer has completely changed. It’s worth a look back to my review of their Quantum Kush I did three months ago. The lighting is bad in the photos. If I would have checked it under proper light, I suspect I would’ve had comments similar I made during these latest reviews. Previously, perhaps naively, I saw them as decent producers with great genetic selection. Now I find them as appealing as, say, licking a public toilet seat. Look at that hair in the picture above and the decomposing brown/grey colouring of the bud. Like I said back in the Organigram pre-roll review, all that stem and seed maybe doesn’t look so bad now.

Next week, we get a brief reprieve from the downward tone of these reviews, I will review a Red Congolese. I’ll talk about the love affair Toronto had with it in the summer of 2017, and try to find out if its popularity has continued afterwards.

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