Reviewing an unbranded version of Comatose OG here, which is said to be an OG Kush with an unknown indica plant. 

Buyer Motivation



Buds appear as a rounded triangle but they are actually 3 smaller spherical nodes positioned together. Colouring is regular, trichome coverage is not apparent. Trim is left long.


Rock hard


Frontage is a 1-2 punch of oily earths and pine.


Warm earths, with varnish and herb. Lacks fuel, pine mixture you’d associate with an OG. Secondary notes are sweet vinyl that bring a bit of dimension to the profile.

Value Statement

Price was $3.63 per gram, or a $100 zip it’s a value price point for any market or package size.


Fails to make a lasting impression. This had flavours but lacked real character. Showed up, but does’t bring a lot to the table.

Consumer Benefits

Paying less. Possible placebo effect if you’re an insomniac.

Consumer Pains

Low ceiling of quality. Lack of olfaction.


Price. Strain name.


I’d argue the low price mitigates many of the deterrents to something like this. Some may not want to buy cannabis sight unseen at this price point, and I wouldn’t blame them.

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