City Lights by Organigram (Edison)

I reviewed a lot of Organigram’s dried flower product when I started this website little over a year ago. Not all reviews were complimentary.

Now with a year’s worth of data, and maturity, we return to one of the first ones that I saw late 2018; City Lights, which is actually a big Bud OG cross called Critical Kush.

This is the 4th Critical Kush I’ve reviewed on this website, And now we’ve accumulated a bit of data on this listing.

Were about 10% below average for price across all purchases of Critical Kush. Conversely, content is a bit lower for this offering, the average is about 17% and we’re at about 16 here, entirely negligible.

By my eye, I’d call the quality better in this version. It’s good enough for you to like, but i’m still hesitant to say that it’s appropriate for the price point. The distance is close, you might feel different.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the review.

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