Checking out Citrus Slurricane today.

In the previous post we saw regular Slurricane, which is a cross of Archive’s Do-Si-Do (Face Off OG x OGKB) and Purple Punch, done by In House Genetics. Now we’re looking at the Citrus Slurricane, which is bred by Archive using In House’s Slurricane and something called Lemon & Lime.

I could trace the Lemon & Lime back to a few lineages, depending on how strict the search terms were. The best answer I could find comes from a forum, where Lemon & Lime is suspected to be a phenotype of Archive’s Lemon Head (Face Off OG with a Colombian variety called Lemon G).

I’d tell you the cool factor here is the two breeders building off of each other’s creations. Don’t get me wrong, the flower has appeal by itself, but I think you get more out of it if you’re a fan of something in the parental lineage. 

Thanks for reading today’s review.

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