Got some Citizen Stash Chocolate Sour Diesel today. Let’s look at it real quick and I can tell you why I didn’t like it.


This was purchased at The Peak Cannabis Co in Calgary Alberta, during their closing sale. I grabbed a 3.5g package for $24.79, or $7.08 per gram. That’s about a quarter (29%, or $10) under the current average price for a 3.5g package bought during the course of these reviews ($35.12).

Packaging Date

Purchased mid-July, this was packaged back in February 2022, or 165 days before I purchased it, which is about 55% more time in the package than the current average.


The cannabis makes a poor first impression. Bud size is good. Trim is rough in places. Colouring is standard (at best) and trichome coverage looks mediocre. I rated it 7/15 total points for this category.


The the buds feel crispy but impress better than they look like they would. I rated it 3/10 for this section.


The profile is sweet and floral. What’s there was nice but it lacked projection. I rated it 9/20 points.


The musty-dusty tastes of the package I bought were apparent from the start and hard to ignore after a while. What’s native to the profile is interesting but so low in prominence you couldn’t really tell. I rated it 10/25 points in this category.

It reminds me of biting into mouldy bread. To be fair, the flower does offer pleasant tastes as well, but not in the magnitude required to defeat the more negative tastes.


This was money down the drain. Was more than 50% older than the average flower item we’ve purchased this year, and it tasted so bad I threw out the remaining amount. I rated it 40% below the average set by Squid Pants and myself. It was somewhat passable in the visual column so it is my second lowest rated flower at the time of writing, which is too generous.

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