Cinderella 99 by Squid Pants

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Hello cannabis people. I’m a bit over 120 reviews of Canadian legal cannabis at the time of writing, and I’m just now going to first write about a cannabis table-stake, the Cinderella 99. I find it weird that no Canadian legal producer has chosen to grow such an epic cultivar, yet.

This is a home grown review, this flower was gifted to me by a good fellow known as @SquidPants. We’ve looked at one of their offerings so far, Green House Seed’s Pure Kush, this will be our second. I love variety, and getting to know the character of the community, so I love writing these reviews. We get to know the cultivar, and through that, the grower behind it.

Cinderella 99 is bred by Brother’s Grimm. The is quite the narrative behind the cultivar, one of huge potential as an indoor plant and, a good example of a genetic process known as cubing. The full Cinderella 99 story is told here, it’s worth the read.

In summary, Cinderella 99 is a genetically stable cultivar, based on plant grown from a Jack Herer bag seed (later called Princess) that was pollenated by an unknown male. The Cinderella 99 is a result of multiple crosses within this lineage, carefully selected to increase the probability this cultivar to display the most sought after phenotype.

Cinderella 99 is originally a Brother’s Grimm cultivar, but popularity leads to duplicates and copies, so many exist. Several duplicates are sold under the ‘Cinderella 99’ name are direct copies but this name is used for other lineages, such as the G13 Labs offering, which is a cross of Jack Herer and Haze. I’m not entirely sure which one we have here, and that’s okay.

Squid’s Cinderella flowers are smaller sized, tight and compact. Wide at the base, coming to a dull peak that makes the shape seem almost pyramidal. Colours look lighter with vibrant greens against nearly beige stigmas.

Scent of these flowers are multifaceted, but are so well blended they interpret in harmony, nearly impossible to distinguish from each other. The base of the profile is wide, earthy with sandy upturns building to a dull peak of rancid fruit. Sounds rather off-putting why you try to break it down, but from afar, the entire composition is undeniably friendly.

I’m loading my volcano chamber thinking what a strange bird this is.

Flavours dance calm with rhythmic grace. A ballet in the top notes with near clumsy imbalance, comprised of notes you’d associate with lower tones– warmer earths and long reaching sandalwoods, blended up to slight citrus hints. Potent with character, there’s beauty here, but the notes creating the composition give it a sense of maturity.

So this was Squid’s version of Cinderella 99, big thanks to them for giving us a taste of it. Squid also sent in a Jack Herer they’ve grown, which is one of the counterparts the Cinderella 99 is ‘based’ on. We’ll take a look at it soon, and see if there are any similarities between the two, I expect we’ll see some.

Thanks again to @SquidPants for sending this in! You might learn a nifty trick or two by following them on instagram, I certainly do.

Thanks for reading everyone!

We’ll leave by checking the home grown map. This shows everything that has ever been sent to me and will update with future submissions.

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