Discover Organic, or Chocolope, from DNA Genetics. I grabbed it this summer, sat on it for a bit.

Since then, a few reviews have come out from notable reviewers, most reviews I’ve read coming from the OCS are not positive. You can read it in my review below, I wasn’t that hard on it. Perhaps you can chalk it up to direct sale, or not.

In retrospect, the parts of the review that stick out are the looks and the feel. Olfaction wasn’t that memorable. The looks were ghastly, this cannabis does not look attractive up close. The feel was great, I reviewed it over a month period, and found the cannabis showed good moisture content throughout. 

I called it appreciable to see once, but I wasn’t so hot on the $12 price point. I probably still feel like that. I said it can hold its own amongst its competitors, I’d pull that back a bit if I could. Realistically, calling it standard quality is complimentary, it’s a $30 eighth, a $50 quarter, a $90 half or a $160 zip. 

Anyways, I’ve seen worse, but there’s a ton of room to do better. Thanks for reading the retail review this week. 

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