Hey pancakenap here today with another review of a Canadian gummy product. This is Goofy Grape, by Chew Me, which is Weed Me’s edible brand.

Gummy Reviews

For these gummy reviews I grab one offering from every brand available on the provincial online store (that I haven’t seen yet). This is the second round, check this link for all gummy reviews posted so far.

I take photos of everything and a dietician summarizes the ingredients, while noting anything interesting.

From there I make a few observations while consuming the gummy. Finally I note the price and content, and try to provide contrast on those values with what I can find from the legacy market.

  • 11 ingredients
  • 3 sweeteners: 2 artificial sugar alcohols – Maltitol, sorbitol and sugar
  • Pectin
  • Natural flavour
  • Artificial color
  • MCT oil
  • preservatives: citric acid, sodium citrate

This one is notable because it contains some artificial sweeteners.


Chewy feel in the mouth, not a lattice but not that chewy. Not firm, fairly soft.


Very sugary and loses it shape almost immediately in the mouth. Couldn’t type fast enough to describe it.

Tastes like grape soda without the carbonation. Tastes seem artificial. No cannabis tastes.



Price was $6.99, or $0.70 per mg to THC content. Which is about double the price I can find across about 650 listings for gummy product I can find in the legacy market. Product price tends to be higher in the legacy market (>4x), with more cannabinoid content included, which lowers the price per mg. Read further about what I found here


Listed as 10mg THC.


Handy brand name which is also directions on how to use the product.

Product is named goofy, but its shape is straight lines and square angles.

Tastes like grape soda without the soda.

Contains some artificial sweeteners.

Priced a bit lower than the some of the competition. 


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