Doing Cherry Diesel GE by JWC today.

As a self described enjoyer of diesel flavoured cannabis, I was really looking forward to this one. As far as diesels go, this didn’t float my boat. I found it all flashy looks, with unexpected character. But none that I would classify as a diesel, I’d tell you it lacks the heavy sulphur notes of a hasty diesel.

By size and structure, it looks good. I’d relate to you it lacks the macro details of JWC’s offering Holy Grail Kush, or their Wagner GE, it just doesn’t have the same presence. Impressive at first encounter, lacks the olfactory reach that I know from this producer.

Maybe I’m lukewarm on this offering personally, but there is observable quality here, and the flavour profile resides in a more friendly space than a garish Sour Diesel does. This isn’t crouching on a race bike at full bore, nothing hurtles here. The character is more frumpy, which is to say, it’s a bit old fashioned. This can be attractive to some people looking for more balance, or something less acute. I still rated it well into the upper crust of the spectrum of my reviews. Based on my experience, I’d recommend it to my Mom before I gravitate back to it.

I feel best when a cultivar’s lineage reads like the start of the bible. I want to know who begat who, and I don’t mind inbreeding. Like many of the GE offerings, this has an unknown lineage. and the producer doesn’t disclose the source of the genetics. Perhaps my feelings are more old (school) testament, I wouldn’t discount this offering because it lacks the traditional lineage. But I’m not going out on a limb saying the potential vigour in a new cross of two powerhouse cultivars is exciting to imagine. Perhaps a factor of consumer conditioning via selection in traditional retail markets and existing genetics, but I find it hard to be excited about the idea of Cherry Diesel, and these ‘unknown cultivars’ in general.

With that being said, there is a reddit post about these JWC cultivars (thanks for the heads up Bapchild). Apparently this Cherry Diesel GE is a phenotype of JWC’s Terpedo GE. Maybe short right now, you have to start the story somewhere, I suppose.

Now that I’ve spoiled most of the review, check it out below. The unboxing video follows. Thanks for reading this week’s review.

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