Welcome to the review today, this is an unbranded Chernobyl, bred by SubCool.

The lineage is the cool part here, or at least I think so.


Formally this is a Blood Wreck crossed to Jack the Ripper. Blood Wreck is a Train Wreck crossed to something called Trinity, the latter of which is a compilation of three Nor Cal cultivars that have not been disclosed.

Jack the Ripper is a Space Queen, crossed to a Jack’s Cleaner. Both are SubCool’s core cultivars, you’ll find them involved in many of his crosses, Space Queen in particular. 

The description of this lineage hosted on seedfinder is written in first person, supposedly by SubCool, where he talks about the Arcata Trainwreck cut being too slow growing and bisexual for him, so he obtains a descendant with the traits he likes about the original Trainwreck; which he then crosses to his JTR. 

Just as a by the way, included in the seedfinder page is a cannabinoid table showing 2.13% THCV. CannaFarms has offered this cultivar previously, on the medical side, I believe, but it was not billed as an offering that contains THCV.

Buyer Motivation

Never miss a chance to grab a SubCool offering


Visuals are a bit ragged, there’s stem, and errant leaf. The morphology of the flower is also a bit looser, there’s several crevices and some places you can see clear through the structure. Coverage is notable though, occluding the surface of the flower. 


The feel is good. There’s adequate moisture content, which lends itself to good bounce. 


Scents are sweet fruit, melon, with green herb. Finishes in a thick, sweet honey tone, burbling with the adjacent green notes. 


Tastes are candied melon and honey. The two notes are pervasive throughout the profile, which finishes with an herbal medley of chive, eucalyptus and volatile green chlorophyll. 

Value Statement

Price on this single gram was $6.13, which I’d relate is good value, but it’s close to the fence, especially when you bring in some of the qualitative detractions. No bulk discounts here, ounce price is $170.


Tastes make a decent impression, the rugged visuals and everything else fades into something inconsequential.

Consumer Benefits

Good quality at a good price

Consumer Pains

Although good, there’s room to improve on the quality I saw here. Some may also find the visuals displeasing.


Breeder, or familiarity with the strain name. Price point.


Vendor type complications. I think this is the only offering on the site listed below 20%, that may sway some people. 

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