Today, we’re going to talk about CBD Therapy by the CBD Crew, homegrown cannabis.

In 92 days, one plant of CBD Therapy produced 108.8 grams of phenomenal cannabis. Costs for this plant were under $85 over the span of its life or $0.79 per gram produced or $0.92 per day of growth. By today’s prices, purchasing this cannabis would have cost me between $1070 to $1720, on average.

The CBD Crew is a joint venture between Mr. Nice Seedbank and Resin Seeds. If you’re not familiar with Resin Seeds, their Cannatonic has catalyzed the resurgence of CBD’s popularity in cannabis. They also created another CBD dominant variety that has a similar chemotype to the Cannatonic, they call this one Dieseltonic.

A note on lineage, Resin’s Cannatonic is a New York Diesel crossed to a Reina Madre, the Dieseltonic is the backcross of the Cannatonic to the parental New York Diesel (I assume it is the parental). The lineage for the CBD Therapy is not given by the CBD Crew.

With all that being said, we introduce the CBD Therapy, a high CBD variety that will test within the bracket of 20:1 CBD:THC and 2:1 CBD:THC, meaning each of its phenotypes is supposed to make more CBD than THC. The notes on the CBD Crew website say it makes 0.5% THC and 8-10% CBD on average.

In my Tantalus Harlequin review, I went into my appreciation for CBD dominant and 1:1 varieties and noted some ways that they help me personally. I’ll use this CBD Therapy in similar fashion, but I will become bored of its character over time, which is why I really appreciated the Tantalus array of flavours and chemotypes for their CBD menu. Was a nice luxury, but I’ll have to suffer with one flavour I suppose.

Let’s move into the flavour. The CBD Therapy’s taste screams Cannatonic derived. If you read the reviews, flavours seem to sway with phenotype, from truffled earths to grassy diesels. Which is why we talked lineage first, I would guess this is a Cannatonic, Dieseltonic incross. Now I might be wrong, I like to guess, don’t take it to the bank, could be the something else just as easily. Resin has several CBD varieties that are not carried by the LPs, could be any of them to be honest (I’d like to see Hammershark BTW).

The CBD Therapy I have has a wet grass flavour, with guttural earths on the bottom of the profile, it’s very ‘natural’ tasting. There are edges of pepper at the grassy top of the profile but the foundation monopolizes with an acrid, dirty diesel note that cloys the senses after a while. Again, has its nice edges, but the base notes taste like a tire fire in a gorilla’s armpit, I imagine.

The CBD Therapy flowered for 58 days in about a 6.25 square foot space under LED light. This grew from feminized seed, so basically plug and play. During vegetation, the plant was topped twice and lateral growth was aggressive, encroaching into the space allotted for Jordan’s Blue City Diesel.

Again, this grow was organic, using aquaponic fertilizer. Which is just a fancy way of saying I dump a bucket of shitty fish water into a hydroponic reservoir once a week. For flush, I’ll pump out the aquaponic water and replace with tap water, repeating until the PPM remains constant. I use this method because it works and it is cheap.

Temperature for this grow went to 9 degrees towards the end of the cycle, which the CBD Therapy didn’t mind at all. It turned nice shades of blue-violet towards the end. While growing, it reeked of baked vinyl and low end diesel notes, like an ’82 Monte Carlo left in the sun.

My CBD Therapy was a hermaphrodite but it turned late enough that I didn’t really worry about it or any of the other plants. I didn’t see any seeds while trimming through this lot.

This took about 2 hours to trim. Its scent was so potent I began to get a headache in the ‘headband’ area towards the end, which is a first for me.  And unexpected from a CBD variety, perhaps a bit naively.

The CBD Therapy has conical, hybrid-like structure. Trimming it was ok, lowers were stripped for dry sifting and most of the buds I kept were large and tight enough to be trimmed easily. My trim isn’t commercial. I’ll vape this mostly so I don’t care about the leaf left on the bud.

Overall, CBD Therapy was really easy to grow and produced fantastic results. I will never grow it again for myself. I am really tired of the wet grass profile that the Cannatonic exudes and this CBD Therapy is like the diesel-dipped cousin. Wonderful inbreeding, without a doubt, but I’m ready to date outside the family. Number one on my list to try is the Bohdi variety Good Medicine, a cross of Appalachia, a Green Crack and Tres Dawg cross, with the CBD producing Harlequin.

February 2019 Update:

Here is the testing report for this CBD Therapy. Turns out, it made just under 5% THC and just over 7% CBD, which leaves me tons of room to do better next time. Nutrients and lights are the first places I would make adjustments to get my cannabinoid numbers up. Although I do not mind these numbers, I’ve really enjoyed this cultivar since I wrote this journal.

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